Make a Great Meeting

When we go to a meeting, whether a proposal or discussion we want to make the best meeting we can. Here are some simple tips to make the best of the time.

1) Find out who you are meeting. Look at their website, Facebook page etc.

2) Before you set off make sure you have their contact information. Address and phone number. If you are like me and meet a lot of clients in coffee shops and public places, a mobile number is a way to text and let them know where you are sitting so they can find you. Also no matter how hard we try to be on time, we are human after all; if you get lost, stuck on a train or sitting in a traffic jam, a phone number lets them know you are on your way. It’s simple courtesy.

3) A few days prior to the meeting, make sure you have samples of your work or any notes you may need. Put them in your bag so they are all ready to go.

4) When you meet SMILE. This is the simplest thing you can do to make the most of the meeting. A smile is friendly, polite and makes everyone feel good.

5) Know where your pen and note book are in your bag. You don’t want to start rummaging half way through a conversation. It may not be appropriate to get a note book out straight away but you want pen and paper to hand. If you are talking about an idea, it can be helpful to do rough sketches with them to aid communication.

6) Listen. Truly hear what you client is saying.

7) What do they want and how can you RESOLVE THEIR PROBLEM? When it comes down to it our purpose is to resolve problems. If you are a driver, you are solving the problem of them needing a reliable, honest, safe, proficient driver. If you are a designer, you are solving the problem of e.g. designing a wedding ring in gold and silver.

8) When you speak, think who you are speaking to. If you have a client who knows nothing of your field, use language so they understand. No one wins if the client feel stupid of doesn’t understand but don’t talk down to them.

9) If you don’t know the answer say you will check and get back to them.

10) Before you leave make sure you have covered all areas and both you and your possible client are clear. Sending an email after the meeting helps confirming ‘To Dos’ or plans makes sure everyone is on the same page. No matter how clear everyone seems on the day misunderstandings are common.

11) Finish as you start,  when saying goodbye.

Hope you found these tips helpful.

Secrets of Sapphires

A stone known for wisdom and royalty. It is associated with sacred things and considered the gem of gems, a jewel steeped in history and mentioned in nearly every religion. It was believed to bring protection, good fortune and spiritual insight. It was a symbol of power and strength, kindness and wise judgement.

In an engagement ring a Sapphire means faithfulness and sincerity.

Typically blue but ‘fancy’ Sapphires come in white, yellow, purple, orange and greens.

It is the birthstone of September and the Wedding Anniversary of 45 years.

Kings wore Sapphires around their necks as a powerful defence from harm.

One of the most famous Sapphires is unsurprisingly the engagement ring Prince Charles gave to Diana and now seen on Princess Kate.

Over history it has been ground and used as a medicine.

Ivan the Terrible of Russia stated that the Sapphires strengthen the heart and mussels and endowed a person with courage.

Blue Sapphires come from Burma and Kashmir. Sapphires from Sri Lanka are a less deep shade. Australia have dark blue with slightly green undertones.

Even tiny Sapphires can hold a strong colour and make a piece of jewellery striking.

To clean use warm soapy water.

How to Choose a Sapphire

Colour is a key indicator of the quality of a Sapphire. Sapphires with an even colouring command a premium over lighter or less saturated stones or darker stones. Look at the stone carefully and see if there are any imperfections or inclusions. Think about colour, shape and size.

Magnetic Personality

We often see magnets as those things on the fridge that hold children’s art work and dental apportionments. We actually use magnets far more than we think and have great uses. Here are some uses along with some fun facts.

Over 80% of all households have a promotional magnet on their fridge. Your logo on a magnet is an excellent give away because they nearly always go on the fridge with a shopping list under them, (or is that just me.)

Hammering or Heating a magnet with a hot flame will cause a magnet to loose its magnetic properties.

Magnets have a North and South Pole

Magnets can be found in telephones, computers, sterios, and TVs.

Legend has it that magnets were first discovered around 4,000 years ago.

Magnetic clasps on bracelets mean you can put it on yourself and one-handed. They can also be put on necklaces so you can put them on without looking.

Some jewellery magnetic clasps are not only strong enough to take charms but can hold the weight of a bunch of keys so the clasp is very secure.

Some vets use magnets to pick up pieces of wire or other metal from inside the stomachs of animals.

The first people to observe and comment on magnetic phenomena were the Chinese. They called them ‘Loving Stones’ because they ‘Loved’ metals. These were used for fortune telling and magic tricks.

We use it in Language – ‘She has a magnetic personality.’

A compas has a tiny magnet in it. The arrow always points to the North Pole.

Magnets are usually made from iron, or steel but aluminium, steel iron, copper, nickel and cobalt can also be used to make powerful magnets.

Magnetic Badges are strong. They are so powerful that you have to slide the magnetic back as just pulling is too strong to separate. They are excellent for clothing and bags as they have no spikes or pins to damage the material.

Once your eyes are open to magnets you will see them in Kitchens, Workshops, Children’s Toys, Desk Toys, Poetry Boards, in Crafts, Decorations etc.

My favourite thing about magnets is in the lovely click when they connect. I find it particularly satisfying when wearing the bracelet with a magnet clasp.

Happy Magnet Hunting

Godwin Lawson Foundation, Story of the Badge

Being creative is wonderful but when it is for a worthwhile cause it makes it all the better.

The Godwin Lawson Foundation empowers young people to become future leaders and contribute positively to society through programmes focused on personal development, sports and education. Therefore creating safer communities for the benefit of all.

My task was to design and create a badge that promoted the foundation, carried the positive message that echoes what they do and create something that is comfortable to wear.

I scoured the Godwin Lawson Foundation website for every piece of information and one strong image came to me – an Arrow. The arrow reflects the empowerment of direction. We make the decision of where we go, we control our destinies, we choose our direction. What followed was lots of experimenting of design. It was important to keep the colours of the foundation so they could be recognised at a glance but not too big to wear. The final design of the badge is blue and white to reflect the colours of their leaflets and website. The arrow points up to represent elevation and positive direction. The clasp in placed facing upwards for ease of wearing.

Each badge in placed in an organza bag so the recipients can keep positive messages in there or a kind note can be placed inside for presentation.

The badges were presented at Godwin Lawson Foundation Presents Breaking Barriers Building Futures. This was an event to provide an evening of celebration and entertainment of young peoples talents and recognising those who have made a positive difference to their lives.

There was lots of entertainment that made you smile, dance in your seat and shed a tear.

The presentation of the arrow badges made me feel so proud. A beautiful evening.

Parade of Lights – Rainbow Unicorns

How fabulous was this years Parade of Lights!! Unity 70 looked great in my Rainbow Unicorns and their giant horns spraked in the lights.

Here are photos of the parade as well as behind the scenes.

1Bubble gun at the ready 6 21 20 27 28 8 14 15 16 Battle of the horns 32

Pumpkin Carving Mad

I ran a Pumpkin Carving workshop for Edmonton Green Shopping Centre. We went through so many pumpkins! Everyone had so much digging out pumpkin guts and creating their scary, funny and weird designs. It wasn’t just for kits, it was a family activity, so mums and dads were able to have fun too.

p1 p2 p3 p4 p5 p6 p7 p8 p9 p10dscf5463 dscf5459 dscf5448 dscf5446


Rainbow Unicorns

It is that time of year again. The Parade of lights is just around the corner and this year I have designed Rainbow Unicorns! Don’t ask me why, I thought it would be fun. Spending days cutting, gluing and glittering 101 stars, only another 99 to go. I feel so sparkly.


Sensations The Movie!

Such excitment, my Sensations collection is now on film. A 3 minute short has been made with real people wearing and experiencing the jewellery their way. 7 p17

There were sexy poses 46 30 Jewellery that holds perfume 21 4 Silly poses 26  playing with tactile jewellery play ring IMGP0820 1       and lots of laughs 14 Look out for the film COMING SOON


Jewellery Fun

I taught a workshop in Jewellery Making for complete beginners. Working with different abilities, all made fabulous jewellery and had lots of fun. Just by using a simple loop and connect technique so much can be achieved.

jew1 jew2 jew3 jew4 jew5 jew6

BBC Get Creative

Video and FilmAs part of the BBC Get Creative Day I ran a Giant 3D Punky Bird Badge workshop today and it was brilliant! These are birds with attitude! Some had spiky hairstyles some quiffs other giant plaits. These bird badges scream to the worlds Fabulous!!! Must say a thank you to The Dugdale Centre for letting us use their café for the workshops, what a lovely atmosphere to get creative.

bird 1 bird2 bird3 bird4 bird5 bird6 bird7 bird8 bird9 bird10 bird11 bird12 bird13 bird14