Godwin Lawson Foundation, Story of the Badge

Being creative is wonderful but when it is for a worthwhile cause it makes it all the better.

The Godwin Lawson Foundation empowers young people to become future leaders and contribute positively to society through programmes focused on personal development, sports and education. Therefore creating safer communities for the benefit of all.

My task was to design and create a badge that promoted the foundation, carried the positive message that echoes what they do and create something that is comfortable to wear.

I scoured the Godwin Lawson Foundation website for every piece of information and one strong image came to me – an Arrow. The arrow reflects the empowerment of direction. We make the decision of where we go, we control our destinies, we choose our direction. What followed was lots of experimenting of design. It was important to keep the colours of the foundation so they could be recognised at a glance but not too big to wear. The final design of the badge is blue and white to reflect the colours of their leaflets and website. The arrow points up to represent elevation and positive direction. The clasp in placed facing upwards for ease of wearing.

Each badge in placed in an organza bag so the recipients can keep positive messages in there or a kind note can be placed inside for presentation.

The badges were presented at Godwin Lawson Foundation Presents Breaking Barriers Building Futures. This was an event to provide an evening of celebration and entertainment of young peoples talents and recognising those who have made a positive difference to their lives.

There was lots of entertainment that made you smile, dance in your seat and shed a tear.

The presentation of the arrow badges made me feel so proud. A beautiful evening.

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