Magnetic Personality

We often see magnets as those things on the fridge that hold children’s art work and dental apportionments. We actually use magnets far more than we think and have great uses. Here are some uses along with some fun facts.

Over 80% of all households have a promotional magnet on their fridge. Your logo on a magnet is an excellent give away because they nearly always go on the fridge with a shopping list under them, (or is that just me.)

Hammering or Heating a magnet with a hot flame will cause a magnet to loose its magnetic properties.

Magnets have a North and South Pole

Magnets can be found in telephones, computers, sterios, and TVs.

Legend has it that magnets were first discovered around 4,000 years ago.

Magnetic clasps on bracelets mean you can put it on yourself and one-handed. They can also be put on necklaces so you can put them on without looking.

Some jewellery magnetic clasps are not only strong enough to take charms but can hold the weight of a bunch of keys so the clasp is very secure.

Some vets use magnets to pick up pieces of wire or other metal from inside the stomachs of animals.

The first people to observe and comment on magnetic phenomena were the Chinese. They called them ‘Loving Stones’ because they ‘Loved’ metals. These were used for fortune telling and magic tricks.

We use it in Language – ‘She has a magnetic personality.’

A compas has a tiny magnet in it. The arrow always points to the North Pole.

Magnets are usually made from iron, or steel but aluminium, steel iron, copper, nickel and cobalt can also be used to make powerful magnets.

Magnetic Badges are strong. They are so powerful that you have to slide the magnetic back as just pulling is too strong to separate. They are excellent for clothing and bags as they have no spikes or pins to damage the material.

Once your eyes are open to magnets you will see them in Kitchens, Workshops, Children’s Toys, Desk Toys, Poetry Boards, in Crafts, Decorations etc.

My favourite thing about magnets is in the lovely click when they connect. I find it particularly satisfying when wearing the bracelet with a magnet clasp.

Happy Magnet Hunting

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