10 Simple Rules to Customer Service – Simple things that we think we do but probably don’t

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Customer service is always important no matter what your business is. Here are a few tips.

  1. Smile, Say Hello, Be Friendly

  2. Location – When meeting think about location, is there a car park, how is the public transport, does it have disability access? Make sure you and your client can easily get there. Of course remember your safety. We often meet strangers in strange places, so always make sure you are not alone and meetings are in well-lit public places. Never take risks with your safety.

  3. Pen & Paper – Don’t reply on phones and tablets, sometimes it’s easier to describe on paper. We all communicate in different ways, so make sure you can communicate with each other.

  4. Be Professional – Don’t be overly intimate. Be friendly but still professional.

  5. Respect Your Customer – Listen to them, don’t presume you know what they want.

  6. Keep in Contact – If you are going to be late or have a problem let them know.

  7. Be Prompt – If you say you are going to do something try to do it within 3 days. Longer than a week shows disinterest and tells your client that you are of no interest to them.

  8. Be Patient – Your customer may find communicating their ideas difficult. Help them.

  9. Resolving the customers Problem – It doesn’t matter what your business is our job is to solve your customers problem. If you can’t, be honest, you may be able to pass them on to someone who can.

  10. Let your Fabulousness Shine – There is a reason this person has come to you, so show them why you are special.


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Maria Elias (5 months ago)

Thank you for your lovely comments totally agree with all of them !!

Carmen Higgins (5 months ago)

Wonderfully points. Always treat your clients the way you like to be treated. It makes every sale special. Referrals will follow.

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