Cheap Easter Thrills

It’s only a few days left until lovely Easter is here. Celebrations can turn out to be quite pricey so here is a fun, cheap crafty idea to amuse you and the family.

Buffy, Fluffy Egg Decorations.

These are simple, fun and can be made with scraps of material. They can be used as hanging decorations, table name place settings or if you have lots of energy to make enough they are great for a calorie-free egg hunt.

  1. Draw an egg shape to the size of the the egg you want. You can copy and paste this one as a guide.

  2. A tissue box or a cereal box make great templates (make sure you remove tissue and cereal before cutting 🙂 ). Draw on the shape and cut it out. If there are several of you working together make more so there is no need to share.

  3. Collect any scraps of material you have. Felt works particularly well but anything can be used. Draw around your template and cut out.

  4. Lay out your designs. This is the really fun part, placing all your bits and bobs in to position. You can add anything; ribbon, buttons, bits of lace etc. You can sew them on or use glue.

  5. Secure pieces in place with dressmaking pins. Please be careful not to prick yourself blood does not look good on art work!

  6. Sew the edges using normal dressmaking cotton. You can use any type of stitch, I like the blanket stitch but I like to be fancy 🙂 Here I have used blue cotton to contrast the pink and green materials. Don’t forget to leave a gap at the top for stuffing.

  7. Now it comes to stuffing. If you have stuffing material, great, but if you don’t just use the scraps of material to put in the middle (add ribbon on top if you want to hang it) and finish sewing.
  8. You can hang them up, use them as name places or table decorations. These are just a few suggestions, let your imagination run wild.

  9. Voilà you are done. Happy Easter

Zinfinity, Designer-maker of fabulousy quirky inclusive jewellery and exciting creative workshops.

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