Environmental Policy

As a leading member of the business community, Zinfinity recognises its corporate responsibilities towards both the environment and the community in its various roles as an investor, employer and consumer. We believe in the importance of environmental protection and improvement. We believe that the pursuit of best environmental practice makes sound commercial sense.

Our business will seek to apply best practice in environmental management.

Legislation and Directives

We are committed to comply with all current and applicable legislation and directives with respect to the environment. We will work with appropriate authorities and organisations to ensure compliance and will strive for best practice by going beyond compliance where possible.

Energy and Resources

We will monitor the energy used in the offices; investigate new opportunities and implement energy saving practices. We will take positive action on raw material and water consumption in order to preserve, as far as is practicable, natural resources.


We will work towards a waste minimisation strategy allied to a strong recycling strategy. The focus will be on the reduction of resource consumption in order to minimise wastes, together with a clear waste segregation strategy to increase the potential for recycling.


Where possible and appropriate, we will attempt to re-use packaging materials and will work with suppliers to minimise its packaging waste.


We will consider the environmental performance of companies in our supply chain, and wherever financially viable give preference to products and suppliers with least environmental impact.


We will encourage staff to reduce transport by motor vehicles. Where practical, we will promote the use of public transport, cycling or walking and minimise the use of private vehicles for travelling to work and for business purposes.


We will strive to give our customers and clients, as well as other stakeholders the best available information to enable them to use their products in a healthy environmental condition.

Staff Training and Awareness

We will raise the level of environmental awareness of staff of the need for positive environmental actions so as to enable a comprehensive approach to environmental improvement in the company.


All employees of the company will be provided with a copy of the environmental policy.

Copies of our policy can be obtained by contacting Zoe White.