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We all know we can help the environment but so many people don't know how to do it. Zinfinity is an awarded and kite-marked 'Green' business and I wanted to share a few simple tips that don't cost the world to achieve.

1) Use Recycled Pinter Paper. These days recycled paper is of better quality, the cheap rough yellow papers are long gone. You can also print on both sides, why use 2 sheets when you can use 1.

2) Use your Scrap paper as a Note Pad. Simply cut your A4 sheet in half to A5, put the blank side face up and put them together with a bulldog clip. Great for writing your To Do lists to keep you organised.

3) Think about your Packaging. Say NO to plastic! There are plenty of paper and card bags and boxes of great quality.

4) Revive Your Leaflets. The last think you want to do is to hand out a dog-eared leaflet or business card. Instead of throwing them away (hopefully in the recycling bin) simply use a Corner Cutter. This simple cheap tool brings your printed material to life again.

5) Anything Can Be Something. There are so many materials around us. Be creative. 
What can you make out of them?  Here I can used broken glasses to make Spectacular earrings. I have used old maps to make bold brooches. 
No drinking cans leaves me when I can make it in to lovely leaf brooches. You use odd items to help you display your goods, such as bottles, bricks and scraps of material.
6) Think Before You Drink. When refreshing yourself with a much needed beverage don't use a plastic or polystyrene cup, use a glasse or mug. Yes you do have to wash up but a little effort makes a difference.

There are lots of other businesses out there who care too. This is what they do:

Kay from Crafty Cavy advises keeping leftover yarn from a project as this can be used for repairs if the original item is damaged. It’s also possible to embroider over small holes or snags in knitted or crochet garments to extend their life and create something truly unique and individual! 

Good yarn can be salvaged from an old jumper by undoing it, steaming the yarn to remove kinks, and using it again.

Small scraps of yarn can be used to decorate other items, by making crochet flowers and leave that only take a small amount but can add zing as a trim to a hat, scarf or gloves - particularly topical in autumn!

Kwaks from Malone and Co uses Paper Straws instead of Plastic.

Cathy from Partylite told me they used 100% Recycled Paper for their Fragrance Sticks. When it comes to their Tea Lights the wicks are made with 100% cotton and the pots that hold the wax are recyclable.

What ideas do you have, please share.

Zinfinity, Designer-Maker of fabulously quirky inclusive jewellery and exciting creative workshops.


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