The question I’m asked most of all is ‘Where do you get your idea?’ This is a tricky question as inspiration comes from everywhere and you never know where something will lead. By being open to the things around you lead you to ideas. Often people think that to create jewellery you must research jewellery. I feel that jewellery is the end product and you need to look outside jewellery to lead you to jewellery inspiration. For examples in my sketchbooks are sketches and pictures of stones, rust, maps, faux turf, felt, latex etc. Anything can be something.

I find when making a product that people live with / wear it’s important to be involved with people. Listen to their stories, what makes them happy, what makes life easier, what is their message?

Keep your eyes open. While sitting on a train (if you are lucky enough to get a seat), waiting for a bus, walking around the shops embrace all that’s around you.

So many things interweave in to my mind and designs come out the other end. Of course one can have an idea but it takes knowledge, skill and experimenting to create the final pieces. Touch, feel and explore what a item or material can do leads on to more ideas.

Despite what I have said, the opposite is also true; some of the best time you can spend is just by spacing out. Let your mind wonder and go free. Ideas can come when we aren’t thinking about it. Sometimes the best way to get ideas is to walk away, do something else or just do nothing.

Working your way is the best way.

Here are some idea paths that I followed.

I saw faux turf then researched and experimented with different styles, lengths and textures. I learnt how to melt it, curl it and shape it. Here it is set in sterling silver with a silver daisy in the centre.

I saw a picture of a toy Troll with it’s crazy hair in a magazine and it reminded me of working with felt and combining contrasting materials.

This idea came about as I was staring in to space, just in my own world.

What is your inspiration?

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