Make a Great Meeting

When we go to a meeting, whether a proposal or discussion we want to make the best meeting we can. Here are some simple tips to make the best of the time.

1) Find out who you are meeting. Look at their website, Facebook page etc.

2) Before you set off make sure you have their contact information. Address and phone number. If you are like me and meet a lot of clients in coffee shops and public places, a mobile number is a way to text and let them know where you are sitting so they can find you. Also no matter how hard we try to be on time, we are human after all; if you get lost, stuck on a train or sitting in a traffic jam, a phone number lets them know you are on your way. It’s simple courtesy.

3) A few days prior to the meeting, make sure you have samples of your work or any notes you may need. Put them in your bag so they are all ready to go.

4) When you meet SMILE. This is the simplest thing you can do to make the most of the meeting. A smile is friendly, polite and makes everyone feel good.

5) Know where your pen and note book are in your bag. You don’t want to start rummaging half way through a conversation. It may not be appropriate to get a note book out straight away but you want pen and paper to hand. If you are talking about an idea, it can be helpful to do rough sketches with them to aid communication.

6) Listen. Truly hear what you client is saying.

7) What do they want and how can you RESOLVE THEIR PROBLEM? When it comes down to it our purpose is to resolve problems. If you are a driver, you are solving the problem of them needing a reliable, honest, safe, proficient driver. If you are a designer, you are solving the problem of e.g. designing a wedding ring in gold and silver.

8) When you speak, think who you are speaking to. If you have a client who knows nothing of your field, use language so they understand. No one wins if the client feel stupid of doesn’t understand but don’t talk down to them.

9) If you don’t know the answer say you will check and get back to them.

10) Before you leave make sure you have covered all areas and both you and your possible client are clear. Sending an email after the meeting helps confirming ‘To Dos’ or plans makes sure everyone is on the same page. No matter how clear everyone seems on the day misunderstandings are common.

11) Finish as you start,  when saying goodbye.

Hope you found these tips helpful.

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