Mighty Oaks From Little Acorns Grow

Hello Fabulous

There are good people and bad people but most of us float about in the middle. This month’s blog is about how teeny tiny steps can make life better. I have collected advice and combined it with my own experiences that improve the days of others and ourselves.


The simplest thing of all. When you see someone and Smile and Say Hello. This polite gesture has a far more positive effect than a blank face which seems to be most people’s response to a situation. A smile is infectious and so can bad moods. I would rather have the former, wouldn’t you?

Say Thank You

Yes it is that simple. Say thank you for your change, thank you for directions, thank you for giving me your time. Show appreciation.

Give a compliment

If you are a little shy this may be hard for you but give it a try if you can. If you see someone in the street or in a cafe and you like their bag, coat, scarf tell the person you like it. Tell them how good their hair cut looks on them. I told a women that her trousers looked nice and gave a real Audrey Hepburn look and she told me that it made her day. How lovely.


Cheryl-lya says ‘A kind word and a gentle touch help. Meditation sets the tone for the day and helps with the ‘little’ things in life! Letting someone ahead of you in the grocery store. Helping someone with a difficult problem. Spending 5 minutes chatting with a stranger.’


Don’t Be a Litter Bug

Recycle what you can and put what you can’t in a rubbish bin. There are lots of bins around and if you can’t find one, put it in your pocket and put it in your bin at home.


Jane says ‘I write daily gratitudes and appreciations which I send to my gratitude buddy every morning, we’ve been doing this for nearly a year now and it has helped up through some particularly difficult challenges.’



I donate jewellery that I have made to charity events so they can raise money. Think of charity shops before throwing those clothes away or Freecycle when ridding yourself of old furniture. Of course you don’t have to donate ‘things,’ what about your time. Can you give a few hours of your time to help. I give 4 hours a year to collect for the very worthy cause, the Poppy Appeal. By doing this I have raised hundreds of pounds for charity for so little of my time. I do free head shot shoots for people who need a more complimentary Facebook picture. After being in business for 14 years I have learnt a thing or two and meet others for coffee to help advise with business issues.

Of course there is the traditional way of putting spare change in donation pots and lots of people putting in makes a lot of difference. Do always think of safety, there are some unscrupulous people out there and they will look where you to put your purse / wallet. I keep a little change in my pocket just in case.


Barry says When people who are serving me I always try to be particularly friendly e.g. ‘you’re busy today,’ ‘isn’t it lovely outside.’ It is how I would like to be treated myself.


Sign a Petition

If you agree with the course, take the few seconds to sign the petition. Yours may only be one signature but lots of one’s become many.


If none of this is possible for you, just be the best you, you can be.


What do you do to improve life?


Zinfinity, Designer-maker of Fabulously Quirky Jewellery and Creative Workshops

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