Independent Me

In this day and age we still need to ask for help when putting on a bracelet or necklace. I make fabulous jewellery with strong magnetic clasps so they can be put on one-handed.

Scented Petals

This beautiful sterling silver pendant embraces brightly coloured felt that holds the scent of your choice. This means you can have an aroma that inspires, calms, excites etc with you all day.

Bespoke Award Necklaces

Desinged for the Funny Women Awards. These funky necklaces are minitures of the bespoke trophies I designed. Made to be worn when performing to expand the brand.

Bespoke Awards

Bespoke trophies designed for the Funny Women Awards. When the trophy is on display pride of place, the winner can still wear their mini trophy (the matching necklace) when performing.

Petel Cup Cufflinks

These unique cufflinks combine style and design.

Three Thoughts

Long smooth silver spike has a calm relaxing feeling. At the top, three diamonds are set to remind the wearer to say three nice things.

Parade of Lights-Funky Woodland Folk

Fabulous costumes that fitted all. These Funky Woodland Folk have multi layered green net, the largest is 7 metres! There also are adorned with shiny leaves and bold pink ascents. These costumes are fun, comfortable and so fabulous.

Yummy Cookie Decorating

Make your cookies look as good as they taste. Each person has their own tools and icing so you can even eat out of the tude if you want too.

Cap Decorating

Get creative with these real caps and let your ideas run wild with all the materials

Sensations-Braille Cufflinks

Play with me! Everyone loves to play with their cuff links and playing with these is a delight. Beautiful colours set is sturdy sterling silver. Braille words such as HA HA or Us We make them feel extra special. With this collection you know the Braille is accurate and not a cheap copy of the language.

Sensations- Braille

An exciting pendant that has a choice of motivational words, fabulous, fortitude, serendipity etc. Great to look at touch and to really feel. Comes with a magnetic clasp for easy wear.

Sensations Tree Ring

Smooth polished bronze contrasts with the colourful felt balls to create this comfortable ring. The space at the top allows for swelling hands or large knuckles. As well as its attractive look and lovely feel you can also spray scent on the felt to carry a fragrance with you.


13 metres x 2 metres woven wire archway installation. Made as live art to engage the public

Shopping Centres

Add to the centre experience with workshops for your shoppers.Shopping Centre

Bespoke GREEN Awards

Green Business Innovators Awards, tiny sculptures using disguised and recycled materials to create trophies for business awards.

Mother Nature Back

This costume was inspired by Nature and features giant crumbling leaves that are being sewn together by little gold men

Lord Mayor’s Show

Under the Sea, fun ocean-themed costumes that acomadate walking sticks and wheelchairs.



Challenging the concept of disability. Wearing the t-shirt ‘I’m An Individual Don’t Compaire Me’ this man jumps over a disabled parking bay.

Plaster Casting

Learn a range of casting techniques using different plasters to create works of art.


These workshops teach the basics of jewellery making. Techniques are simple to enable the students to continue making once the course has finished without spending a lot on materials and equipment.

Enviro Art

Chain and drinking can dress that doesn’t discolour and can be repeatedly remade. No more than 2cm of non-reusable, non-recyclable waste was produced whilst making this piece.

Big Dance

Big Dance

As a part of the Big Dance Fund three live installations of joy and individuality were expressed.

A Taste of Home Bistro

Working men theme is seen throughout the bistro with artist mannequins holding menus and napkins.


Inspired by its surroundings these pieces are made with copper wire, lighting gels and laminated leaves to make shapes that reflect its environment. This design was seen in parks, made between trees, or as here in Gunpowder Park where the shapes are inspired by the hills. This installation is made infont of the public so they can see how the design evolves.

Pink Sundae

Pink Sundae

Bold usher’s costume and exotic live set for this fun drag show.

Paper Wedding Dress

This is a piece that represents the fragility and strength of marriage, combined with the struggle to remain an individual made from fibre to produce strong wearable paper.

The Gardener

The Gardener

A poseable man hat that holds a metal bucket filled with hand-made paper flowers.


Colourful images of eyes connected by rings for comfort and ease of movement.


Make a space a piece of living art.

Bag Decorating

Using canvas bags and a wide variety of materials to create a personalised shopping bag.

Pumpkin Carving

A fun, messy way to get in to the Halloween Spirit. Using non harmful tools we engage with all ages to create a spooky pumpkin of your very own.

Badges, Keyrings & Magnets

A fun way to make tiny works of art.

Metal Stamping

Take discs of metal and decorate them with words, messages and pictures. These can become tags, rings, bracelets or even sown on to bags or clothing.

Seasonal Workshops – Easter

Taking inspiration from special occasions, the children and parents make Easter Bonnets.

Creative Arts – Accredited Art Course for Adults

This multi-medium class teaches casting, paper making wire-work etc. and shows each student how to produce a portfolio. At the end of this course the students gain a Level 1 in Creative Arts.

Paper Workshops

Using fibres to create everything from paper sheets to large paper sculptures.

Clay Work

All levels can express themselves using air-dry clay.

Puppet Workshops

These workshops are not only fun but aid creative play. Three varieties of puppets and a scenery help children’s imaginations and create a story.

Mask Making

With the option to use a vast range of materials these classes aid simple costume making based around masks.

Wire Work

Wire workshops teach creative techniques to make keyring, decorations and installations.

Junk Fashion

Using ‘junk,’ fashion pieces are designed and made. The gallery depicts an example where a mini-dress was made using bin liners.

Tag Me Necklace

Connect – Necklace

Sterling Silver cable tie, fun and elegance combined. Symbolising unity and connection.

Mini Fuzzy - Necklace

Mini Fuzzy – Necklace

Flowing sterling silver spikes finished with handmade felt balls.

Big Fuzzy – Ring

Bold, exciting ring with flowing bronze spikes leading to handmade felt balls.

Screw Ring

Screw Ring

Two sterling silver sheets house insert options; faux fur, holographic sheet and hand-made glass beads. Three bold 18ct gold and silver screws connect these elements together.

Tag Me - Earrings

Connect – Earrings

Plastic ties combined with sterling silver cast ties. Symbolising unity and connection.

Rose Ring

Rose Ring

Solid cast sterling silver rose ring shaped style for comfort.

Memento Twig

Memento Twig

A sentimental gift. Take a twig from a special place and it will be turned into a sterling silver piece of jewellery.

Fabulous Little Men Collection – Surfer Dude

Sterling silver and mixed media little figures. Fun and style combined.

Tag Me Bold Necklace

Commendation from Goldsmiths Arts & Craftsmanship Awards 2011 This striking necklace is made with coloured plastic ties and sterling silver cast ties interwoven in the piece.

Good View

Good View

Tiny posable man comfortably sitting in an acrylic tear-shaped pendant. This man is also available as a brooch.

Pasture New

Faux grass, yes the same thing you have in your garden, set in sterling silver. Nestled in the grass are sterling silver daisies. Comes in a range of grasses for different effects.

Corporate Jewellery

Why not turn your logo or theme into corporate jewellery as gifts for clients. Cuff-links, lapel pins, anything is possible.

Enchanted Garden

A group installation based on a child’s idea of a ‘magical garden.’ The impact of this was found in the field of windmill and ball ‘flowers.’


This 13 metres x 2 metres woven wire installation was made between two buildings using the walls as an anchor. The archway was made in front of the public to engage them in the making.

Giant Jewellery

Inspired by my Woven Aurora collection, I enlarged the design to 5ft to create this installation. Each piece is 2,343 times bigger than the original earrings.

Carnival Group

Costumes for the Carnival DePablo, these costumes were inspired by mythical beings; here we have Mother Nature and Sea Monsters. The costumes have moveable panels for comfort and flexibility.

Hairy Godmother

From ‘Cinders the True Story.’ This character stole the show with his ‘girly’ pink outfit. A tutu made with six layers of light and dark pink net and a black boots were vital for the fairy.

Beaten Leaf

A simple leaf shape with striking cut out section makes this a stylish ring showing the beaten texture. Also available as a pendant.

Fabulous Little Men Collection

Balloon Man – A pendant with two tone metals of a figure flying along with a balloon.

Glass Ring

Intertwined blue and black glass with sterling silver.

Loop Ring Colourful flex rod

Colourful flex rod is threaded through a sterling silver casting. The rod can be pulled and pushed to create a ring that not only fits any finger size but can create different looks.

Silver Ivy

Cast sterling silver leaves and roses are connected by bold brass flower broach.

Spoon Me

Spoon Me

This amazing yet elegant neck-piece is made using plastic spoons. Each piece is worked on individually to sit to the body comfortably.