The Launch

Hello Fabulous

Thank you to everyone who participated in the launch of funding for Social Entrepreneurs in the Edmonton Green Area. This was such a fun event, I wanted to share some behind the scenes information and fabulous photos of the event.

I was told by Untld (the brilliant funders) that there was some money for a launch but it probably wont happen due to only have about two months to organise everything. I took this challenge, ‘I can do it’ jumped out of me and I was on a mission.

I wanted this launch to be Fun, Friendly, Informative, Supporting Local Businesses and Fully Accessible.

For the venue I chose the Millfield Bar/Restaurant as it’s a beautifully open space with great facilities. People can get their by foot, car and bus and is fully assessable. The staff are always friendly and helpful.

When it came to food, I wanted it to be fun, tasty and easy to eat while chatting. Also I wanted to minimise wastage; so often I go to events and there is so much food left over and it gets thrown away. Popcorn, Candy Floss and Slush seemed perfect. So I went on the hunt for people to supply the launch and Leanne Baker – The Candy Kart was recommended to me. Wow was she excellent. They made and handed out all those goodies to so many people they were like a well oiled machine. Leanne even makes her Popcorn suitable for Vegans.

Now you may think I was a little insane having Slush in December, but I did have Malone & Co serving Tea, Coffee and Hot Chocolate with Cream for those who needed something a little wormer.

The Millifeld Centre had done a great job with Christmas lights but nothing that represented Unltd. With luck I met the lovely Kim from Kim Saunders Flowers and Balloons. I told here the Unltd colours were Orange and Purple and she created a balloon arch with lots of clusters of balloons dotted around the room in super quick time.

So the venue, decorations and food and drink were all done but there was much to do at the event. As well as lots of eating and networking there were was Human Bingo! Such a great idea from Joel (Unltd). This way there is a fun relaxed way for everyone to get to know each other and win prizes.

Myself and a helper spent the Saturday prier stuffing envelopes (to match the colours of popcorn bags and candyfloss) with a pen, motivation badge and a bingo sheet. The words DO NOT OPEN were written on the front. I was also in charge of punishment. Anyone who did open the envelopes before they were told to had to wear these Unicorn headbands. Sadly no one broke the rules and the headbands came home with me.

There were also sticky notes and boards where everyone could put their thoughts. So quickly the boards were covered.

Joel of Unltd did a great job of telling everyone about the fund and he answered so many questions. Ideas were bursty every where.

I was one of the speakers along with Community Souls. I spoke about my jewellery ‘Sensations,’ a sensory, inclusive collection. I create pieces that hold scents, use genuine Braile with motavation messages, magnetic clasps etc to your body, to make you feel as fabulous as you are. Engaging to the wearer and the viewer.

launch was brilliant. Such a great atmosphere all captured by Dave
Hadley Photography, thanks for your hard work. He made it a hard
decision on what photos to put in this blog. Below are photos of the
event that tell you more about it that I can.

Zinfinity, Designer-maker of fabulous quirky inclusive jewellery and exciting creative workshops

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