A wide variety of workshops are designed for your needs and budget for all ages and abilities. I work closely with groups to create classes for their clients/ members to ensure the greatest benefits are obtained.

Clients include Schools, Shopping Centres, Member of the Public, Community Groups and Councils

Junk Fashion

Using ‘junk,’ fashion pieces are designed and made. The gallery depicts an example where a mini-dress was made using bin liners.

Wire Work

Wire workshops teach creative techniques to make keyring, decorations and installations.

Mask Making

With the option to use a vast range of materials these classes aid simple costume making based around masks.

Puppet Workshops

These workshops are not only fun but aid creative play. Three varieties of puppets and a scenery help children’s imaginations and create a story.

Paper Workshops

Using fibres to create everything from paper sheets to large paper sculptures .

Creative Arts – Accredited Art Course for Adults.

This multi-medium class teaches casting, paper making wire-work etc. and shows each student how to produce a portfolio. At the end of this course the students gain a Level 1 in Creative Arts.


These workshops teach the basics of jewellery making. Techniques are simple to enable the students to continue making once the course has finished without spending a lot on materials and equipment.

Seasonal Workshops – Easter

Taking inspiration from special occasions, the children and parents make Easter Bonnets.

Badges, Keyrings & Magnets

A fun way to make tiny works of art.

Pumpkin Carving

A fun, messy way to get in to the Halloween Spirit. Using non harmful tools we engage with all ages to create a spooky pumpkin of your very own.

Bag Decorating

Using canvas bags and a wide variety of materials to create a personalised shopping bag.

Plaster Casting

Learn a range of casting techniques using different plasters to create works of art.


Make a space a piece of living art.

Clay Work

All levels can express themselves using air-dry clay.

Metal Stamping

Take discs of metal and decorate them with words, messages and pictures. These can become tags, rings, bracelets or even sown on to bags or clothing.